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Sunny days and pleasant nights, that is Benidorm in March for you. Seven hours of sunshine a day give you a great opportunity to enjoy outdoors. The waters of the Mediterranean may allow for a quick swim but will likely be too cold for a prolonged one. The daytime maximum temperature is around 19°C, while the minimum at night may touch 7°C. Pleasant and even warm afternoons during March make this month a great one for checking out all that Benidorm has to offer. You won’t experience more than six days of rainfall, and this too won’t exceed 15mm cumulatively. At nights, the mercury will plummet and you will need warm clothing. So, be prepared for it. March is a month when the weather transitions from the cold to warm. It is also the month when the huge Sahara desert in Africa sends over sandstorms to the region.

You will have large swathes of Benidorm to yourself because the summer tourist season is still a few months away. For early evenings, light woolens will suffice, you’ll need a jacket or a sweater if you’re stepping out after 7 pm. The sun sets by around 7 pm. As March nears its last few days and April makes ready to arrive, the weather perks up even more as the daylight lasts longer and the air has an even more pleasant aspect to it.


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