Russia in the push for Catalonian independence. 

The European Union has expressed alarm at the increasing propaganda role being played by Russia in the push for Catalonian independence.

Romanian MEP Victor Bostinaru, vice chair of the Social Democratic group in the European Parliament, on Thursday said he had evidence of Russian interference in the Catalan crisis.

Mr Bostinaru called Catalonia “another case of perverse interference” by Russian-backed media organisations and hackers with the aim of destabilising the EU, which has supported Spain in its crackdown on the Catalonian pro-independence movement.

“We mustn’t be naive: behind those words and those slogans favourable to the independence movement, there are hidden intentions.”

It came as the speaker of Catalonia’s parliament was remanded in custody on suspicion of committing rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds with bail set at €150,000 (£133,000).

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