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The Region of Murcia has four must-see cities for urbanites. Murcia, the capital city, is both exciting and comfortable; perfect to wander through its streets and enjoy its terraces. Highly recommended to taste its tapas, visit its museums and go to several of its evening shows. By the shores of the Mediterranean you will find Cartagena, a port with more than 3,000 years of history which today is, ironically, one of the most striking examples of a contemporary city. Its Punic, Roman and military heritage constitutes a unique ensemble which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Lorca is the monumental place par excellence: a Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque city. A tour through the old part of the city is a real delight, as well as a visit to the Fortress of the Sun, the Holy Week processions and the beaches and rural areas. Caravaca is one of five Holy Cities in the world; a goal for pilgrims and an old Templars place. Difficult to find such a magnetic and welcoming atmosphere out of this spot.
Two seas, more than 300 days of sunlight a year and a whole bunch of beaches make the Costa Cálida a destination with almost endless possibilities. The area of La Manga and Mar Menor -the region’s tourist icons- is a vacation paradise where great hotel complexes coexist with bohemian areas and hidden, crystal clear water beaches. If you head to the south, you will find a wonderful series of slate cliffs and secluded coves before reaching Cartagena and its urban coast. The next relevant spot is Mazarrón, a day and night destination: it is perfect for a day on the beach, as well as for staying awake until dawn. Águilas is the southernmost town of the region; its shores invite you to discover bays, harbours, rocky headlands and fine sand beaches, and to get the most out of nautical and underwater tourism.
The less known part of the Region of Murcia is, without a doubt, the interior of the region. The Valle de Ricote is a fertile meadow with palm trees and fruit trees, keeping intact the Moorish culture atmosphere. This oasis is the best place for you to recharge batteries and catch up with authenticity. Sierra Espuña Nature Park is the region’s green lung, perfect for nature sports enthusiasts and for those who are keen on forests and homemade dishes. The highlands of the Northeast, in the Altiplano, are known for their wine, culture and cave paintings. Their landscapes are so beautiful that they look like a work of art; good taste and hospitality are always present. To the opposite side, in the Northwest, the traditions include going along the Vía Verde “Green Way”, going up to the region’s highest summit, having a look at the old Iberian world and savouring one of Spain’s best arroces “rice dishes” next to the fireplace.
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