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Skyscrapers of Benidorm Guide (VisitBenidorm)
Benidorm as always boasted of being modern town as far as urban design is concerned The General Urban Plan of 1956 allowed the town to grow in height and today we have the most recognizable skyline in Spain.
This model of vertical construction is often criticised but rarely one hears about the benefits it generates. The construction of tall buildings consumes less land and fewer resources than spread out horizontal construction. It takes fewer miles of asphalt and less expense to supply basic services to them which is a clear example of sustainability in a town that is not only home to its citizens but also thousands of tourists.
Although the data is changing because there are constantly new buildings being built, we can say that Benidorm is the third town with the most concentration of tall buildings in Europe, after London and Milan. Also, in the country, Benidorm is positioned behind Barcelona and Madrid in the total number of skyscrapers. Nevertheless, if we relate the number of large buildings to the population of cities, Benidorm has among the highest indexes in the world.

In the current section we present these buildings with their location, photographs, relevant data and curiosities in a fun and visual way. We also include some videos of our Skyline, like the History Channel dedicated to us recently. We encourage you when you walk through our streets, to look up and discover a new way of contemplating the town.Book

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