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Benidorm Entertainment

In Benidorm you will will find a large variety of things to do during your stay. After a full day of sightseeing, sunbathing, or visiting places of interest, you can also dive into the nightlife available in Benidorm. The party starts early and finishes late very late, as there are many different places that you can go and things that you can do there.


If you’re looking for a good laugh, you’ll be happy to know that Benidorm is host to many different comedy shows. You’ll find performances by famous comedians and also lesser known ones. No matter what comedy show you see, you can be sure that all of them will be funny . You can find many different types of comedy as well. There are clean, family friendly comedians that are appealing to children, adults only comedians, and even hypnotists and ventriloquists.


For a fun evening where you provide the entertainment, consider heading to a karoke bar. There are many karaoke bars all over the city, so you can be sure to have good time no matter what area of town you go to. In some bars you may even find local celebrities coming in to show off , so don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of a few famous faces. Most karaoke bars are open well into the early morning, so you can sing the night away.


One of the best entertainment options in Benidorm is to see a variety of Cabarets acts. You can visit one of the places that has these shows and settle down for the evening. The evening consists of a variety of Cabarets acts, so you’ll be seeing many different performances that usually consist of many different things. Most acts are well known and others are newcomers to the scene. You’ll see dancers, singers, comedians, and much more get ready to be entertained……

Live music bars:

There are performers that can be seen in Benidorm all the time, and there are also guests that pop in every now and again. Many of the live bands are constantly changing, so you can see something different every time you go. There are also many tribute bands in the area. You can see impressions of the Blues Brothers, Elton John, Take That,Tom Jones,Adelle,Michael Jackson, Cher, and many other famous celebrities and singers.


Benidorm is also home to some of the best clubs around, so you can party all night long with some of the best DJs. Most clubs require a cover charge, but this will get you a free drink or two. There are many different clubs that you can go to depending on your style and tastes. One of the most popular types of clubs in the city is the disco. There are some clubs and bars that are dedicated to disco, as well as many places that have cabaret or other performances earlier in the evening that become a disco later at night. Most of these locations are open extremely late, well into the early hours of the morning, so if you’re looking to have a fun time until dawn you’ll find lots of options.

Benidorm Palace Show:

The Best on the Costa Blanca, elegant and brash Benidorm Palace, the nightclub where dancing till dawn.Best showtime ever, known as a “showtime not to be missed”, the Benidorm Palace floorshow with its high-kicking ladies and fantastic shows for all ages with great meals drinks and much more.

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