Benidorm Easter 2018 Semana Santa Spain

EASTER – SEMANA SANTA – One of the  most important weeks in  Spain, with lots of processions and events to be found in the old town area.

25th March  Easter and Palm Sunday
26th March   Holy Monday
27th March  Holy Tuesday
28th March  Holy Wednesday
29th March   Holy Thursday
30th March Holy Friday
31st March  Holy Saturday -Holy Saturday
1st April  Easter Sunday – Easter Sunday & Easter
2nd April  Easter Monday

The religious festival is recognised & celebrated in every city, town and mountain village throughout Spain, and is as important as Christmas is.

The varias cofradias and hermandads, (brotherhoods)  will have been preparing and practicing for months for their displays of piety and devotion to God in Semana Santa, Holy Week.

The religious statues from the churches are brought out on floats and carried aloft by teams of ‘penitentes’ as they are paraded around the local streets to the sound of solemn marching music.

During the processions you will see people wearing KKK pointed hoods, which to us look like a variation of the Klu Klux Klan, these outfits date well before the days of the KKK decided to wear them and date back to 1521.  These outfits are worn as a penance for their sins.  It is seen as a real honour to be asked to help carry these very heavy and large floats.  There will also be lots of brass bands.

The processions begin on Palm Sunday the week before Easter, followed by those on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Palm Sunday –  from 11:00 at the main San Jaime church and again on Holy Wednesday, 22:00.

On Holy Thursday – there are two processions, both at 21:00 from the Almudena and San Juan churches.

Good Friday another two processions take place from San Jaime at 20:30 and San Juan at 23:30.

All the processions finish with a great final event on Easter Sunday – at 08:00 a.m. at San Jaime church.

Check the fiesta and enjoy all the festive activities and pay respect,times may vary from day to day.

Easter Semana Santa

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